Getting from Bariloche to Circuito Chico

The Circuito Chico is a 25km journey that is both uphill and downhill the entire way. It requires a moderate degree of fitness to complete. The terrain is majority road with occasionally gravel roads. If you are travelling anti-clockwise, the first 7km has quite a few cars, but after this, the roads are relatively empty. The entire journey takes about 4 hours (includes lunch break and photo stops). It is worthwhile taking the detour to visit Colonial Suiss (a small town that has nothing to do with Switzerland) to visit the market.


How to get to Circuito Chico by Public Bus

1. Buy a SUBE card (public transport card that you preload money on) for 35 pesos at a Kiosk/Convenience store like the one pictured below. Preload it with money – it costs 16 pesos per person for one way, you can have multiple people using the one card.



2. Wait at the bus stop for Bus 20 to Lau Lau, this comes every 20 mins or so. At the time of writing the sign at the bus stop with the bus numbers had fallen off, but the same bus numbers can be seen on the bus stop across the road going in the opposite direction

See map here for location of the bus stop (indicated by the red bus)

3. Once you get on the bus tap the card reader with your SUBE card corresponding to the number of people travelling (eg. Tap twice if there are 2 of you)

4. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes and is the stop just after the funnincular which you will pass on the left hand side. It is likely most people will be getting off at the same stop as you.

5. If you haven’t got a bike rental company in mind, I would highly recommend Cordillera Bikes who charge 300 pesos which includes bike, helmet and map.

To get there:
– walk towards your left as you get off the bus for about 30 metres
– when you reach the roundabout take the road on your right
– walk for appprixinatley 100 metres and you will see a small gravel road on your left hand side, turn into that road
– you should see the house pictured below

This is certainly a highlight of our time in Argentina, so if you’re up for a challenge its well worth considering

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo