Day 9 – Najera to Santo Domingo 22.8km

Had a great night’s sleep thanks to being in the private room, but can’t can’t get used to that cause we’re back in the dorm tonight. We gave ourselves an hour’s sleep-in knowing that the day was going to be 10km less than yesterday. We enjoyed a bowl of chocolate cereal (healthy, I know) and got moving by 7.30pm.

From the moment we stepped outside we knew it was going to be a miserable day. It was raining, and didn’t stop raining the entire day. We thought we were covered with all our waterproof gear sorted. The walk was relatively flat, but having walked 60km in the past 2 days, we did lack the usual oomph.

Unfortunately as the day progressed I felt my trousers become progressively heavier and heavier but I assumed it was just because my waterproof overtrousers were wet. But soon my legs felt cold so I had a look and found that my inner trousers were completely soaked and my overtrousers had a fist-sized hole in the back which I thought I repaired. Knowing this did bring my mood down a notch which meant my walking speed also slowed down.

Whilst we were walking on what seemed like an endless muddy path in the relentless rain, all I could think about was seeing my family back in Melbourne again. I imagined being back home and giving everyone a huge hug when I saw them. Lost in my thoughts, I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline and before I knew it, I was power walking through the rain and even passed Jason who was 100 metres ahead. Apparently as I sped past him, he said something which he ignored which made him think I was possessed. Time flew and before I knew it we had arrived in town. Just made me realise, that when I’m feeling down, my family will always boost me up.

Thinking about my family made me home sick which made me crave my mums cooking. So we headed straight for the supermarket and made my mum’s sticky chicken dish. This was served with Nash’s (from Mexico) incredible pasta dish. The other pilgrims joined in and we enjoyed a great evening indoors which included Jason and James playing a dangerous game of throw and catch with an egg!

Total cost for today:
Breakfast: €0.85 Chocolate cereal
Lunch: €2 Salami, cream cheese and olive baguette
Dinner: €4 Home cooked Vietnamese sticky chicken with rice and bean/mushroom salad
Snacks: €0.5 Apple
Accommodation: €7

Total per person:€14.35

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo

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