Day 7 – Los Arcos to Logrono 29.3km

We knew it was going to be a long walk today so made sure we were out the door by 6.15am. It was pitch black and we were the only ones walking at that time so with that in mind we had our headlights on and started power walking into the darkness. It is amazing just how much energy we had first thing in the morning we even surprised ourselves. We continued to walk at lightning speed in the dark until all of a sudden we hit a main road. Shit. It was only then we realised that we hadn’t seen a yellow arrow in at least half an hour so we easily could’ve missed a turn in the darkness. We pulled out the trusty guidebook but the map wasn’t detailed enough to help us find our location. All we had was the sight of a small lit up town in the distance so that’s where we headed.

We decided to walk on the road as it was much better lit. What took just over half an hour felt like forever as we nervously approached this foreign town not knowing if we were heading in completely the wrong direction. Eventually we made it and realised we were in the town of Sansol, a town we knew were going to be passing today. Phew! Crisis averted. As we entered the town an old man pointed us in the right direction and we were finally back on the pilgrim’s route.

As we were walking the sky slowly began to beautifully light up. We walked to the top of a small hill, found ourselves a nice rock to sit on and admired our first ever sunrise on the Camino. Words cannot describe how beautiful it was. We sat there for about 15 minutes and got going pretty quickly after that as a slight chill was coming through. The majority of the trail was quite flat with a few short but steep ascents to tackle along the way. We passed very few pilgrims today, probably one of the quietest days yet.

With about 10km to go we reached the town of Viana where we noticed a young, heavily limping pilgrim in the distance. We eventually caught up to him. His name is Marcos, a 26 year old guy from Sicily, Italy. Prior to commencing the Camino, the most he has ever walked was 10km. Since he started 6 days ago, he’s been averaging 30km which is how he has come to injure his right knee. He graduated as a civil engineer a few years ago but hated the daily mundane 9 to 5 routine of his job so he decided to set up his own little business and also do some DJ work on the side. Still, this was not enough, He decided he needed to figure out what he really wanted out of life so decided to book a flight and start the walk of a lifetime. He says all his friends and family think he’s crazy because in the town that he’s from everyone gets a job, gets married and starts a family; hardly anyone travels which makes him the black sheep of the town.

We arrived in Lagrono at 12:30pm but Marcos to keep going despite his leg looking like it would collapse at any stage.

Cost for today:
Breakfast: €2 bananas and yoghurt
Lunch: €2.5 ham, cream cheese and olive baguette
Dinner: €€3 home made fried rice
Snacks: €2.5 apple and chocolates
Accommodation: €7

Total cost per person: €17

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo

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