Day 5 – Puenta La Reina to Estella 23.4km

The night was interesting. We were warned the evening before that we were the unfortunate ones to share the room with the notorious sleep talker and yes, he certainly lived up to our expectations. Not only did he spend the entire night mumbling to himself in Spanish, every half hour or so he would start yelling like he was verbally abusing somebody. Luckily I had my earplugs on which helped dull down the noise, but after bumping into our fellow room mates along the trail, I could tell the rest of them didn’t get the good night sleep they were after.

Prior to leaving, I had a quick look at a fellow pilgrim’s knee. Her name is Amanda (Port Macquarie, Australia). She injured it over the last few days with the steep descents and just needed a bit of taping and advice on how to manage it. I also inspected my 4th toe blister and unfortunately found that it somehow formed a blister on top of the original blister! Damn! This meant we had to tape the toe up so there wasn’t any pressure going through it otherwise there was no chance I’d finish the day. By 7.15am we had already eaten our jam and bread and were ready to start the walk.

Not long into the walk, Amanda and Sarah (Denmark) managed to catch up to us. We walked together for about 15 minutes at which point Sarah needed a breather so us three carried on without her. The first 90 minute was a steady incline but didn’t require to much effort with the remaining day being relatively flat. By the midpoint we stopped off at a small town to chow down our lunch. There, we bumped into another pilgrim, Uve (Germany) who has leant Amanda his hiking poles the day before. Uve is in his early 50’s; quit his stressful job as a project manager for gas and electricity companies and decided to travel as much as he could. He started his walk from Germany and has now clocked over 1500km, so by the time he reaches Santiago he’ll have walked about 2300km. His main reason for the walk was, as he explained it, ‘for the mind’. He said he’s spent so many years stressing about work that he hasn’t truly had the chance to live – until now.

During lunch, the hoards of pilgrims which included Brendan (Australia), Laura (Ireland), Priscilla & Kurt (USA). This walk is amazing, we walk for kilometres at a time and bump into people we’ve only met days before but feel like we have known them for a much longer period.

Straight after lunch Uve joined Amanda, Jason and I for the remainder of the journey which only took another few hours. Throughout the entire day we were blessed with clear blue skies and no wind, could not have asked for a better day. We arrived in town by 2:30pm and felt great! Uve decided to keep going onto the next town but unfortunately we just found out that the following towns had no accommodation so he had to keep walking until 8.30pm to find a place. He must be exhausted!

The afternoon was spent having a wander around the beautiful and surprisingly big down of Estella. Eventually we ended up in the main square with Amanda feasting at a local Spanish restaurant ironically called Florida restaurant. Halfway through our meal we were joined by Kurt and Priscilla and ended up having a very enjoyable evening.

When we returned I went thought some exercises with Amanda and Jason had a look at James’ (Australia) shoulders which was flaring up mainly because he was carrying a whopping 15kg. Our bunk buddies Ann-Maree and Mareed from Ireland overhead we were physios and kindly asked if we could look at Ann-Maree’s foot as she hasn’t been able to walk for the last 3 days. I had a quick look applied some tape and prescribed some exercises and hopefully she’ll manage a slow walk tomorrow.

Total cost for today
Breakfast: €0.50 Jam and bread
Lunch: €2 Pate, ham and cheese baguette
Dinner: €0 Amanda’s shout at a Spanish restaurant
Snacks: €1 Chocolates and chips
Accommodation: €6

Total per person: €9.50

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo

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