Day 31 – Santiago to Negreira 21km

The 6 glasses of red wine Jason had last night didn’t do any good for my sleep, as the more glasses he has, the louder he snores! So you can only imagine how much sleep I managed to get last night!

We didn’t really give ourselves a strict time to start walking but after a quick breakfast downstairs with Natalie and Howard, we left the hotel just after 10.30am. Before we started back on ‘the way’, we stopped by a small store that sells the original Santiago Compostela chocolate which was a company founded in 1902. When we walked in the store, the man explained to us the history of this chocolate and told us that it used to be used as a form of currency and people also used to use it as a form of medicine (which I still do). We stored the chocolate in our bag and started our journey again.

As we walked out of Santiago we both didn’t feel too good, not because of the excessive alcohol consumption the previous night, but because we actually felt empty. Even though our Camino journey hasn’t technically ended, saying our goodbyes yesterday makes the rest of the journey almost seem pointless. Why are we still walking? Why aren’t we still with our pilgrim friends in Santiago?

We walked and we walked and we walked trying to figure out why we decided to continue on this traditional path to Finisterre, but we still couldn’t figure it out. It was a hard day for us, our pace was much slower than usual and our enthusiasm for the Camino had definitely dropped. Usually a 20km day is nothing for us, but today it was torturous. Yes it was a bit hilly, but nowhere near as technically challenging as previous days. We just were mentally and emotionally drained.

With about 5km to go, we arrived at a little town which had and a gorgeous bridge and a spectacular waterfall. We stood here for a few minutes admiring this incredible display of nature and it was the first time in the day that we realised how much we loved the Camino. No matter how crap a day you may be having, there is always something along ‘the way’ that can make you smile, whether it be watching a bee collecting pollen, or seeing elderly locals walk down the street with arms linked, or coming across an unexpected waterfall in a town we’d normally just pass by.

When we finally arrived in Negreira we found a cute little Albergue, checked in and returned to our usual routine of grocery shopping, showering, dinner and writing in our journals. We were back on our ‘way’ and very glad to be.

Total cost for today
– Breakfast: €3 Ham and cheese toasties
– Lunch: €2 Ham and cheese baguette
– Dinner: €2 Canned pasta and lentils
– Snacks: €2 Chocolate and lollies
– Accommodation: €10

Total cost per person: €19

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo

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