Day 3 – Zubiri to Pamplona 22.7km

Spent most of the night tossing and turning, not sure why but I definitely didn’t feel as well rested as I’d liked. At 6.30am I woke up to the buzz of my phone alarm and again packed everything as quietly as I could whilst the other pilgrims remained asleep. We quickly put on all our waterproof gear as the forecast didn’t look too great.

By 7.30am we finally got moving and once again marched into the darkness. We were surprised that the first half hour was mainly uphill and because we were yet to have breakfast, it made it that little bit harder. Along the way we past a huge coal power plant which was very active in the early hours of the morning. By about 8am we were starving so found a pile of pebbles, sat ourselves down and lathered our baguettes in the strawberry jam we bought the day before – absolutely delicious.

5km into the walk we walked past the first town of the day where we bumped into our Brazillian friend Mauricio who gave us our wish bracelets on the first day. He was starving and everything in town was closed, so with half a baguette that we were unlikely to eat he graciously accepted our offer to take it off our hands. At this point I needed a break as I started to notice a bit of chaffing between the toes in my right foot and wanted to check it out before it got worse. To my disappointment a blister had formed on my 4th toe but I couldn’t let this hinder our walk. So I lathered on some Vaseline and got going.

Our journey throughout the day was relatively easy with only the occasional ascent. During the middle of our walk we heard footsteps and constant laughter coming from about 100 metres behind us. We couldn’t see who they were but it sounded they were having an absolute blast. After a brief break the laughing ladies caught up to us. They were a couple of Catalanian ladies in their mid sixties who spoke no English but managed to communicate with vibrant hand gestures. These two ladies were hilarious and seemed to be having the time of their lives. They gave us some walnuts they found and showed us how to crack them open. Just what we needed for that extra boost.

We arrived in Pamplona by 1:30pm and fortunately encountered zero rain! The sky was as blue as could be by the time we arrived. The municipal we are staying at is much smaller than the others; it fits 26 people and thankfully our room only has 4 beds, with Chris (Australian from Bunderberg) taking the other bed. With so much time on our hands we quickly showered and roamed the city with Mauricio who was also staying at the same place. Unfortunately because we arrived during siesta time, the majority of shops were closed, but we did still get to walk through the narrow streets where the running of the bulls occurs (crazy if you ask me).

The evening was spent at a pinxtos bar devouring the Spanish delicacies with Mauricio and Ron, a New Yorker who flew over to spend 3 days on the Camino with Chris.

Total cost for today:
Breakfast: €1 Jam and bread
Lunch: €2.5 Pate, prosciutto and cheese baguette
Dinner: €10.50 Tapas
Snacks: €0.50 Apples
Accommodation: €6

Total per person:€20.5

Till next time
Ann & Jason xo

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