Day 26 – Hospital to Sarria 35km

What a day! Probably the most invigorating one yet.

We slept in today till 7.15am, had breakfast at the bar downstairs at 8am and started the hike at 9am which is definitely the latest start we have had. After such a good rest and a comfortable stay we didn’t seem too phased by timing today, we didn’t really even know which town we were aiming for.

Most of the day consisted of undulating hills bordered by spectacular views and never ending landscapes which made the day much more interesting. Not long into the walk we bumped into Alissia (Italy) and Drac (Spain) who we’d met a dozen times along the Camino. Alissia is a dance therapist and works with children with ADHD. Her role is to allow these kids to express their energy with movement rather than through anger. I’d never heard of dance therapy before, in Australia we have music therapy (singing or instruments) and art therapy (painting or crafts), so it was great to hear that there was a new genre of therapy out there. Drac is a physiotherapist like us. He owns his own practice in his small town and decided to start the Camino literally from his doorstep, so by the end of his journey he would have walked 1600km. Alissia stopped to have breakfast so the rest of us continued on. Drac and Jason are much faster walkers than I am so they just stopped to wait for me once they reached the next town.

For the majority of the day I was walking by myself and I loved it. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy having my husband around, but being able to enjoy your own company in such a cluttered world is so difficult sometimes, so I really appreciated the space and freedom I had. I did unfortunately roll my left ankle which left me limping for a few hours, but eventually the pain just went away. Just after midday we arrived in the town of Triacastela where Drac stopped to have lunch and bid us farewell. Just before the town, we met a British woman Francesca (‘Chessy’) who works in Tanzania 4 months of the year in HIV prevention. I wish we could have spent a bit more time with her finding out about her work, but this town was literally the intersection which divides up the two different Camino paths and we were taking a different one to hers.

After a quick baguette lunch sitting creepily in a playground we were off again. We decided at this stage to push on to the city of Sarria which was 17km away. I was actually able to say ‘that’s ONLY 17km, no biggie’ which would have been impossible if I was in the mindset as yesterday. We climbed another hill and only ended up seeing one other pilgrim couple for the rest of the journey. Again, Jason continued at his speedy pace and I stayed at my slow one, but in what appeared like no time, the ‘kilometres to Sarria’ were quickly dropping and soon we had only 3km to go. Like always, this is the toughest bit no matter what the terrain is like. The legs are tired, you can see the town but it just doesn’t appear to get any closer.

We finally arrived in town just after 6pm, so the sun hadn’t quite set yet. We checked into our Albergue and found it had a great kitchen but no crockery or cutlery which was weird. So in defiance of being forced into eating out again, we headed straight to the supermarket, bought some antipasto foods and made our own cold tapas. It was delicious and very budget friendly! Not long after this we heard a familiar voice at reception and realised it was Amanda, Dominic and James arriving at our Albergue! What are the chances! They got there at 8pm as they were planning to stay at a town about 10km but that ended up being closed so they were forced to walk all the way to Sarria in the dark.

Total cost for today:
– Breakfast: €3 Toast and hot chocolate
– Lunch: €2 Ham and cheese baguette
– Dinner: €3.50 Home made tapas
– Snacks: €2 Chocolate and muffins
– Accommodation: €6

Total cost per person: €16.50

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo

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