Day 2 – Roncevalles to Zubiri 23.1km

A much easier day than yesterday. The majority of the day was either flat or downhill with a few mild up hills which were not even comparable to the steep ones yesterday. We woke up 6.30am, waited for our pre-paid breakfast with a group of other pilgrims but the restaurant never opened. This was really confusing, as we were all told to meet at 7am but by 7.15am there were still no lights on. Thankfully the hostel were willing to refund our €7 back (phew) which meant we could buy some frankfurts and bread from the vending machine – amazing it was!

We sped through the first half of the walk and felt completely energised by the hot dogs for breakkie. The second half was much slower as the aches in our feet were progressively becoming more obvious. Along the journey we met a girl about our age called Sabina. She works as a teacher in Denmark and is fluent in Danish, German, Spanish and English, I was immediately envious of her! She could only take a week off work so her aim was to finish the camino in increments when she can. We found that this was the case for the majority of people we have met because 4-5 weeks off work is usually impossible for most people. An American couple from Boston who we had dinner with last night were only able to take 3 weeks off so they’ve decided to walk a week, cycle a week then walk the remaining which I think is a great idea if you have a limited time.

We past through many cute little Spanish villages which had small populations, most of them were ghost towns today as it was a national holiday. Along the way we also passed by many cattle farms and on several occasions were ‘fortunate’ enough to witness them mount each other.

By 1:30pm, we arrived in Zubiri and headed straight for the municipal accommodation. This one is a basic 22 dorm room with free wifi and communal showers. That last bit shocked me a bit as the last time I was in a communal shower was in primary school. It was only me and our new Japanese friend Shimiku who were ready to shower and I offered to wait outside but she didn’t care. In the end it wasn’t that bad at all, I suppose when you’ve been walking and sweating for the last 6 hours, you don’t really even notice the person next to you.

So that’s it for now, dinner for us tonight is a cheese and prosciutto baguette

Total cost for today:
Breakfast: €1.60 Hot dogs and baguette (Vending machine)
Lunch : €2.40 Ham sandwiches (Vending machine)
Dinner: €5.65 Prosciutto and cheese baguette (Petrol station)
Snacks: €1 Banana and apple
Accommodation: €8

Total per person: €18.65

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo

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