Day 19 – Mansilla to Leon 19km

Tomorrow is our first rest day on the Camino which means we were very keen to get to Leon as soon as possible. We were ready to go by 7.30am and eased through most of the day despite a few hills toward the end.

We actually managed to have a really good time despite the weather being overcast and the trail being alongside the highway for most of the day. We discussed our travel plans for next year, what we’ll eventually do when we settle back in Australia and our future plans to come back to the Camino in a decade to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. All these thoughts got us so excited that we barely even noticed the walk.

By 12pm we arrived in Leon and were immediately glad that we chose this as the location for our first rest day. Narrow streets full of interesting shops and beautiful old buildings line the streets of Leon. It is definitely one if the biggest cities we’ve been to on the Camino. When we checked into our hostel, we ate our baguettes, had a 2 hr siesta and went shopping for some warmer jackets as we are most likely going to be walking through snow and our gear is just not warm enough. We eventually found a small sports store and managed to get a good deal on a couple of warm jackets.

We roamed the streets of Leon in the evening and bumped into a few familiar faces along the way. The city is stunning at night especially with the cathedral all lit up. After about an hour of wandering we found a little cafe tucked away from the main tourist area and with what little Spanish we had, managed to order some red wine, paella and croquettes. A very satisfying meal and great way to end the night.

Total cost for today:
– Breakfast: €1 Belvita biscuits
– Lunch: €2 Ham and pate baguette
– Dinner: €10 Paella & Croquettes with red wine
– Snacks: €3 Apples, chocolates and chips
– Accommodation: €16.50

Total cost per person: €32.50

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo

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