Day 16 – Carrion to Terradillos 27.3km

We woke up pretty excited today because it’s our second wedding anniversary. Geez, 2 years has absolutely flown, the same can be said for our time on the Camino so far. We knew today would be a mentally tough one with about 17km of barren land to cross before arriving at the first town. Thankfully we were all stocked up on snacks. After enjoying our muesli we left at 7.15am and eventually caught up to Natalie and Howard who had left a few minutes before us.

The next 4 hours were a killer. Totally flat, gravel road with nothing but empty land. Our minds went numb, the only thing that required some form of concentration was having to constantly bat away bugs from our face. We took a break a few hours in to enjoy some corn nuts which the Texans introduced us to and were back on our way. As we were walking we met an American lady in her early 40’s by the name of Patricia who ended up walking to the next town with us. She lives in Seattle now but in the late 90’s lived in Fremantle (Australia) where she worked at a university. One of her main roles there was to take university students to East Timor to volunteer for different NGO’s. She’s also worked in the ‘deep south’ of USA where she says it is literally very black and white so the school she was assigned at had only black students and white teachers which meant it was very difficult to build rapport with the students which lead to poor turnout rates and eventually the school closing down completely. It was great to hear her stories, it totally distracted us from the walk and in no time, we had arrived at the first town. There we stopped and sat down on the pavement with some other pilgrims and enjoyed our baguettes as usual.

The walk after lunch was difficult once the body had cooled down. The sky was turning dark and was constantly teasing us with tiny drops of rain. By the last hour, the rain finally came which gave me an opportunity to try out my giant yellow poncho which Natalie gave to me as she had it as a spare. It worked perfectly and I definitely looked like an Asian ‘Big Bird’ on the Camino. By this stage my feet were killing me and all I wanted to do was take my shoes off. Eventually we arrived in Terraillos and were excited to see the private Albergue we were planning to stay at right at the entrance. As we got closer we saw the chains on the fence and realised it was most definitely closed. Our hearts sunk a bit but we kept walking and found the only other Albergue in this tiny town which offered private rooms for only €10 per person!

Upon arriving we took off our shoes and had a 1 hour much needed siesta. By the time we woke up it was almost dinner time. Unfortunately we soon found out that the bed bug spray at the bottom of Jason’s bag had leaked causing his sleeping bag and some clothes to be drenched in the potent mixture, so Jason’s spent about an hour trying to clean and air out as much as possible.

We enjoyed a delicious Pilgrims menu in the company of two other pilgrim’s Paolo (Italy) and William (France). Great evening all round!

Total cost for today:
– Breakfast: €1 Muesli and milk
– Lunch: €2 Prosciutto and cream cheese baguette
– Dinner: €10 Pilgrims menu
– Snacks: €3 Corn nuts and pastries
– Accommodation: €10

Total cost per person: €26

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo

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