Day 15 – Boadilla to Carrion 26.2km

Last night was daylight savings, so trying to be organised we turned both our phone clocks back an hour as well as Jason’s watch. When we got up, you can imagine the confusion we had when our phones automatically adjusted the time back an hour causing us to have no clue what the time was. Eventually we connected to wifi and realised we’d woken up at 6:30am as originally planned. We enjoyed a quick breakfast of toasted baguettes with jam and butter and were walking by 7.15am.

Because it was daylight savings, we had the pleasant surprise of being able to walk without the need for our head torches. It was overcast with a slight warmth in the air. We were both feeling great, my thigh was no longer sore and Jason’s heel pain was barely noticeable, but we knew this wasn’t the green light to go nuts, so instead we opted for a much slower pace to ensure we didn’t overdo it, and I’ve gotta say the slower pace somehow made our day go much faster. I think we’d both agree that today was one of our most enjoyable walks. We spent very little time walking side by side which was nice. Both our minds were clear and we were totally in ‘the zone’.

We made sure to take regular breaks even if we weren’t tired and drank plenty of water. As the day progressed the clouds parted and the sun came out which meant that we eventually had to strip down to T-shirts and shorts. It did become warmer thought the day which made us pick our pace in order to get into town quicker, Jason’s Achilles on the other hand had a different idea. After a few minutes of striding out, Jason’s Achilles gave him a bit of niggle which was our first warning to slow down, which we did.

Up in arriving in town at about 3pm, we found Natalie and Howard sitting in the square deciding where to stay for the night. We all decided to stay at an Albergue run by the nuns as we were told that staying at the municipal involved a session where each individual is expected to sing. After putting all backpacks down, I hopped into the shower and overhead an interesting conversation going on in the men’s bathroom. Both men we discussing their reasons for being in the Camino and one of them raised a point that I’d never thought about before, “People always think that when you go on the Camino you are searching for something, but for me, being on the Camino has just made me realise that I have everything I need.” That was definitely a lightbulb moment for me.

We were all exhausted so ended up heading out for a Pilgrim’s menu at 5pm. After this Jason and I wandered the street hoping to find a supermarket but knowing it was very unlikely that anything would be open on a Sunday. After about 5 minutes, we stumbled upon the next best thing – a candy shop! Not only did this place have a selection if excellent confectionary choices, it also stocked the staples that we needed: milk, bread and fruit. As soon as we left the store my thong (flip flop) broke leaving me limping down the street barefoot until we got back to the Albergue!

Total cost for today:
-Breakfast: €2.70 Jam and bread
– Lunch: €1 Pate and salami baguette
– Dinner: €11 pilgrim’s menu
– Snacks: €2 apple and chocolate
– Accommodation: €5

Total cost per person: €21.70

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo


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