Day 14 – Hontanas to Boadilla 28.7km

Woke up to the thundering roar of Jason’s snoring, so I quickly scrambled through my bag in the darkness to find my earplugs and thankfully was able to get back to sleep. When 6:30am came, we woke up, enjoyed a bowl of muesli and were walking by 7am. It was dark, and stayed that way until about 8:30am. We walked along the road this entire time with one torchlight. As we walked I sensed a figure on my left hand side in the distance, it looked like a man, but I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t seeing things. My biggest fear was that it might be a ghost so I tried to ignore it. Eventually as we got closer the outline became clearer and thankfully, it was just one of our fellow pilgrims. Phew! Ghost panic attack over.

As we walked through the darkness we missed a turn to take us on the trail which mean we were walking in the middle if the road until we reached town. Luckily it was a Saturday morning which meant very few cars on the road.

By 10.30am we’d already reached our 2nd town, the place we would have stayed had we not done the extra mileage yesterday. The towns we passed today were all very rustic and beautiful but very quiet due to siesta. Throughout the day both Jason and I started to feel the beginnings of our bodies breaking down. Jason’s right Achilles was paining him quite a bit especially after rests and my left thigh was burning causing the knee to give way frequently. This meant we had to walk a lot slower than our usual pace.

At midday we stopped before a bridge and enjoyed our huge baguettes and followed this by stocking up on a few blocks of chocolate as fuel for the final 8km, and boy did we need it! By this stage the sky was clear and the sun was most certainly out. We walked along farms growing various green leafy vegetables and maize. It was stunning to look at but the heat once again took its toll. With only about 4km to go we were walking at a snail’s pace and were eventually overtaken by a few familiar faces who stayed with us last night.

When we finally arrived in Boadilla by 3pm I was absolutely over the moon. We found a family run Albergue, checked in and got into the usual routine of unpacking, showering, washing and hanging our clothes then writing in our journals/blogs. Being a tiny town there was no supermarket so instead we enjoyed a home cooked meal at the Albergue.

Total cost for today:
– Breakfast: €1 muesli and milk
– Lunch: €2 ham, pate and olive baguette
– Dinner: €9 pilgrim’s menu
– Snacks: €2 chocolate
– Accommodation: €7

Total cost per person: €21

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo

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