Day 13 – Burgos to Hontanas 31.2km

We were keen to have an early start knowing that it was going to be a warm day. Got up at 5:30am and were ready to go by 6:15am. Just as we were about to leave we opened the door and realised it was locked. It was only then we saw the sign that stated that doors open at 7am. Damn it. This is what happens when you’re too keen!

Eventually the time came and we started our journey out of Burgos. From the moment we took our first steps we knew it was going to be a beautiful day. The sky was clear and we could even see the stars. About an hour in, we looked behind us and saw the beautiful sunrise lighting up the sky into an electric pink. Along the way I felt like I was taking a million photos of the sky as it was absolutely incredible.

We walked along the highway initially but eventually found a gravel path which took us through fields and small Spanish towns which were in the middle of their siestas. The blue skies made the first half of the day absolutely fly. By 12pm we arrived at a town called Hornillos del Camino to rest our legs and enjoy our huge baguettes. They were delicious, everything seemed perfect, that is until we tried standing up again. Oh the thighs burnt like they were alight! It felt like every single one of our leg muscles tightened up which was a very comical sight especially as we were limping out of town. It took us a good half hour to get our rhythm back but by this stage the sun was really out and with minimal shade along the trail, we were absolutely roasting.

The distance from the lunch stop to the next town was only 10km but walking this in the heat felt like double. We were exhausted only 2kms in, more mentally than anything. The chocolate had run out earlier so we didn’t have anything to give us a sugar fix, the only thing we had left was ham flavoured chips but all this did was make us more thirsty. By the last 5km I was ready to call it a day and cry, but I couldn’t because I’d probably get dehydrated and collapse in a heap. Instead I tried my best to just persist and keep up with Jason until we saw the incredible sight that was the town. I could not have been happier!

When we arrived we immediately asked for a private room, I took my shoes off and lay in bed for 2 hours. Just what I needed! To finish off the evening we enjoyed a filling pilgrim’s dinner at the Albergue. Whilst we were having dinner a drunk Korean lady (38 years old) sat down and confessed “Everybody, I hate walking! I’m fat and I’m lazy.” She then progressed to force feed the man sitting next to her, death staring people on the table and singing happy birthday in Korean….twice. So that was our entertainment for the night!

Total cost for today:
Breakfast: €0.60 Muesli and milk
Lunch: €2 Ham, pate, cream cheese and olive baguette
Dinner: €9.50 Pilgrims menu
Snacks: €2 Chocolate, chips and apples
Accommodation: €12.50

Total cost for today: €26.60

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo

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