Day 11 – Villambistia to Atapuerca 25.3km

One of the best night’s sleep we had in a long time I’d say. We awoke to find a self service breakfast table of chocolate croissants and wafer biscuits which surprisingly was enough to get us going. I’d decided to sleep quite early the night before while Jason and James stayed back downstairs chatting to a recently retired U.S Army officer by the name of John. Jason filled me in on the conversation and told me it ended up getting a little bit heated when John vocalised his opinion that the Syrian refugees are mostly illiterate somwill not find work and therefore will destroy the economies of those counties who accept them. I’m glad I wasn’t sitting at the table when that was said as I would have been fuming.

The walk today was a gradual ascent in the mud. It started off being quite a mild day which progressed to being wet then eventually freezing. James caught up to us about 90 minutes into the walk which actually made us pick up the pace a bit.

When we arrived in the town of San Juan where we were planning to stay, it hadn’t even reached midday and it was an absolute ghost town. So with this is mind, we sat down for a quick lunch, froze and got going again. It felt like the temperature dropped by 5 degrees by this stage so I put on all the tops that I had in my backpack which did the trick,

Thankfully it was only 6km later that we arrived I our town for the night, Atapuerca. Found a nice Albergue which appears to be an old barn house attached to the back of a pub. It has a very Rustic feel to it which is nice but within half an hour we realised that it is going to be a very very cold night.

We opted for an early dinner at 5pm down the road so we could have an early and potentially disrupted night sleep

Total cost for today
Breakfast: €0 chocolate croissants
Lunch: €2 salami, cream cheese and olive baguette
Dinner: James’ shout
Snacks: €0 old bread and oranges from the Albergue
Accommodation: €5

Total cost per person: €7

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo

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