Day 10 – San Domingo to Villambistia 30.7km


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During the night I woke up twice and on both occasions found myself holding an ear plug in each hand despite having no recollection of taking them out. Thankfully I was able to quickly put them in on both times and get back to sleep which couldn’t be said for half the people in the room who were interrupted by the thundering sounds of a potentially sleep apnoea sufferer’s snoring!

We felt good with no soreness and full of energy. After our microwaved Tortilla for breakfast we left the Albergue at 7.30am and were very pleased to see there was no rain. Again, we walked into the darkness and followed a few other pilgrims until we got ourselves organised with our own head torch. It was nice to feel the soft gravel under our feet again rather than mud. It was another very easy day but we still needed to stop for an apple and chocolate break a few hours in. Just as we finished we bumped into James and spent the rest of the day with him.
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Having an extra companion meant the day absolutely flew. We covered topics including: sports, politics, history and travel and in no time we had arrived in Beldorado. The original plan was to stay overnight in this town, but it was only 12:30pm and we all felt fine so after a quick lunch stop (which included a couple of Magnum ice creams) we were off again.

We ended up walking an extra 7kms and arrived in the tiny town of Villambistia by 3.30pm where the the total population is 50 people. We found a great little Albergue attached to a bar which offered us an excellent deal which included an overnight stay, dinner and breakfast all for €15 per person – what a bargain!
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Dinner at the Albergue was absolutely spectacular. For such a cheap price we were expecting just a basic dish, but instead got servings of spicy pasta, chicken, pork, crispy potatoes, chocolate ice cream and red wine – seriously could not ask for anymore! And at the end the manager gave as all a Camino cap and lanyard as a parting gift. Wowzers!

Total cost for today:
Breakfast: €1 Tortilla
Lunch: €2 Choizo, cream cheese and olive sand which
Dinner: €0
Snacks: €3 apples, chocolates and magnum
Accommodation: €15

Total cost per person: €21

Til next time
Ann & Jason xo


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