How to plan the W Trek

So you’ve seen the incredible photos of the Torre del Paine National park and now you want to experience it for yourself? Well here’s how to get started! Training You will require some level of fitness to compete the trek. It would be worthwhile to go on several long-distance day hikes (mininum 10km) in your backpack, especially in a hilly area. Most injuries occur going downhilll with the most common complaint being knee pain, so make sure you practice downhill walking (with or without walking poles depending on your prefernce). Packing We carried approximately 7-8kg each in our 23L Lowe … Continue reading How to plan the W Trek

Picking the best seat on a plane

​Having flown with numerous airlines and taken over a hundred flights, we’ve had our fair share of really good experiences and horribly bad experiences. Now of course there are factors that you can’t control such as who sits next to you or whether or not your favourite TV show will be playing on the in-flight entertainment system. However, the big thing you can make a decision about is your seat. So why not make an informed one? Now before you read on, we’d like to point out that we only ever chose our seats for long haul flights or flights … Continue reading Picking the best seat on a plane