Camino FAQ

1. How much does it cost to do the Camino?
We spent approximately €20 per day. There were 35 days in total, so 35 x 20 = €700 each. That includes all food and accommodation. That was us sticking to a budget and making sure that we prepared our lunches each day. I would say most people would be spending closer to €30 per day.

2. How do you transport your luggage?
There are two options:
1) You carry everything in your backpack (which is what most people do);or
2) You can pay a courier service to send your pack to the next town for you each day which costs between €5-7 each time you use the service

3. Where do you sleep?
There are a few options:
1) Albergues – these are privately run adult hostels which is what most people use. Most dorm rooms have between 8-30 people in each room and it costs approximately €10 per night
2) Municipals – these are government run adult hostels so are much more basic, so therefore much cheaper, usually €5-6 each night
3) Casas – these are private guest houses and are closer to €20 per person per night
4) Hotels – these vary greatly in price but you’re looking at upwards of €40 per person per night

4. Do you have to prebook?
Generally no, you just turn up and look for vacancies. In the Summer when its busy people are often starting their day very early to be the first to arrive in town as it is a first come first serve basis.
There is one exception, if you decided to cut the first day in half and go from St Jean to Orrison, then you have to prebook Orrison as there is only one albergue there.

5. Do you need to know Spanish?
Not necessary but it will make your experience a whole lot better if you know a little bit of Spanish

6. Do you need to train?

Ideally yes, but the majority of the people we met didn’t do any training. As physiotherapist we believe in optimizing your chances of completing the Camino successfully, and in our opinion training is one of the things that helped us most.

7. Do you have to go in a group?
No. I’d say the majority of people we met did the Camino along as people became familiar with each other they started to
walk together.

8. Is it safe?

Generally yes. There have been some cases in the Summer of girls being pulled into cars or local men exposing themselves in the forest, but this is a very RARE occurrence. Not once did we ever feel threatened or unsafe along the journey.

9. Is there access to phone and internet?
There is wifi at the majority of the albergues and you will often have phone signal most of the time if you buy a Spanish SIM card. There are also payphones available in town if you need it.

10. How much walking do you do each day?

Approximately 20-30km – there is no set distance you must do, you can go at your own pace.

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