Poonann’s on the Inca Trail
At the end of April 2016 we set to fulfill the last ‘bucket list’ item we had – the Inca trail. It was an incredible experience full of mental and physical challenges with beautful scenery in every corner.

Poonann’s on the Camino de Santiago
In late October 2015 we set out on a journey that we had dreamed of doing for years, an adventure that would involve hiking 900km from the south of France across to the west of Spain.

Poonann’s Climb Kili
In August 2015 we took our first trip to Africa with the hope of climbing Africa’s highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro, this is how it went….

Poonanns trek to Poon Hill
In May 2014 we set off on our very first trekking adventure, ironically to get to the top of Poon Hill.

Hiking around the UK

We often do day trips out of London and occasionally weekend trips if we want to head out a little bit further. Here are a few snippets of our hikes so far…

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