Checking in at King’s Landing

After a super delayed arrival, we finally made it to the city of Dubrovnik. Originally the plan was to take an 8.30am ferry direct from Hvar Island but unfortunately it was sold out. So instead we took the 1 hour ferry back to Split then hopped on a 4.5 hour bus to Dubrovnik. It was bucketing down rain by the time we arrived at 8.30pm so we were very keen to check into our hostel, grab some food and hit the hay. By this stage we were starving but our tightass instincts were still in tact and having been forewarned of the exorbitant prices in Dubrovnik, we headed straight to the kebab shop and devoured down our wraps!

We stayed at a guesthouse run by a couple in their 70’s who didn’t speak a word of English but were so warm and inviting that we felt right at home. The only bad thing was that their house was located at the very top of a very steep set of stairs so our glutes certainly had a workout.

So here’s what we got up to during our time in one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations.

Game of Thrones Tour


Being avid Game of Thrones fans we were excited to be shown the sites where King’s Landing were shot. The tour guide was an extra during filming in a couple of the episodes including the one involving the famous ‘walk of shame’. We found out that during filming the shops that had to be closed had to be financially compensated. Also, most extras were locals who had to undergo 2 hours make up to either dress up or dirty down as a peasant like our guide.

Overall it was okay but probably could have done most of it ourselves as the sites are posted online. Although we did find out that part of the next Star Wars was filmed there this year and the next Bond movie might also be filmed there in the future.

War Photo Museum

This was a great photo exhibition showing photos during the Croatian War of Independence during 1991-1995. It showed Dubrovnik under siege from the Yugoslavian army for 5 months.

City Walking Tour

Our guide Anthony was very fun and quirky giving us random facts about Dubrovnik such as:

  • the city has undergone war every 40 years
  • it has had a major earthquake every 120 years, with the one in 17th century scoring 10 on the Richter scale and destroying most buildings in the town
  • Dubrovnik world UNESCO heritage site and is one of the most expensive places to buy a house, with 1 square metre of land going for €13000
  • It is a very expensive place to run a business with many of the restaurants n who have outdoor seating having to pay a whopping €25,000 per month for the privilege!


Boat ride

Having a spare day to ourselves we decided to do a boat tour which took us on a circuit of the islands next to Dubrovnik and gave us a chance to see the surroundings and to take some photos, scare the hell out of some kayakers and have our eyes scarred from the sight of old men enjoying their nudest beach on one of the islands.

Slippery Stone

This is a bit of a weird tourist attraction, but all it is is a stone protruding out of a wall which is slippery and slightly angled down. The aim is to be able to stand on it with most feet. There are always tourists attempting and failing this but of course Jason managed to hold his balance for all of 3 seconds to take the crown!

Dubrovnik is a city you just have to see for yourself to truly appreciate it’s beauty.  We can completely see why it is so popular and despite it’s cost, we would visit again in a heartbeat.

Till next time

Ann and Jason




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