Krka National Park

After a 2 day visit to Plitvice, we clearly hadn’t got sick of nature just yet so we booked ourselves a day trip to Krka National Park with a group of Aussies who we’d met in London. 

The park is a 2 hour bus ride from Split which involves a 30 minute boat ride from the town of Skradin to get there. 

It’s a very easy to navigate the park so you won’t need a tour guide, although we did see quite a few people on tour groups. 

So after exploring the park for over an hour we began to feel the sweats come to the surface so of course we headed to to the main attraction, the large waterfall open to the public for swimming.

So here are a few tips to get the most out of your time in Krka National Park

– you can get there by car, tour bus (we went with Split Walking Tour for €28) or public bus which runs during the high season

– if you are getting there independently,  try to arruve early to avoid the crowds

– do the walk around the park BEFORE you jump in for a swim

– prepack your lunch and some snacks as the food there can be pricey

–  bring a water bottle (which can be filled up at drinking fountains)

– when you are in the water make sure to wear water shoes or sandals as the surfaces better slippery

– there are no lockers there and LOTS of tourists so leave any valuables you don’t need back at your hotel. It is also worth carrying your things in a backpack which you can lock and if you happen to have a cable you can use it to lock your bag to a tree

– toilets at the entrance are pretty busy and you have to pay for it, head to the toilets closer to the exit to get changed if you need to, they are free and much less crowded

So that’s a wrap on our Krka National Park experience. Whilst significantly smaller than Plitvice, it was still very enjoyable and beautiful and well worth visiting if you have the time.

Till next time

Ann & Jason xo

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