How to avoid the queues at The Hermitage Museum

Don’t be like the people in the picture waiting possibly hours to get in to see one of St Petersburg’s top attractions. Simply read our guide and you will be sure to save yourself plenty of time! There are 2 main options you can use to avoid queueing:
1. Purchase your ticket online at the official Hermitage website

Now the tricky part is this – if you translate the page to English you will be charged €17 but if you keep it in Russian you will be charged 700 rubles (€10). So might be worthwhile you print-screening what the English version page looks like then going back to the Russian page to purchase.

Once you receive the confirmation email print out your tickets (which are valid for 180 days). If you don’t have a printer available you can simply provide the staff member at the museum your order ID and they can print it out for you.

Now the entrance for e-vouchers is not at the Winter Palace, it is the building at the far right of it (see map below).

Click here for more details
2. Use the Ticket Machines

These machines are located outside the main entrance and also at the entrance of the e-voucher entrance. The reason that it is so quick to get in with this method is that probably 90% of people don’t know that they can purchase tickets from them as they are not clearly signed. I would personally purchase them from the machines outside the e-voucher entrance as there is hardly anybody there!
NB – student discounts are not available on these machines

So hopefully with either of those techniques you’ll be able to save yourself the stress and hassle of waiting in line and instead can use that time to enjoy the museum instead!

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