Sunny San Sebastian


Known for its golden sandy beaches and never ending lanes of pintxos bars, San Sebastian was always high on our list of places to visit.  Only a 75 minute bus ride from the nearest airport of Bilbao it was surprisingly easy to navigate the streets and main walkways.  With Ann pre-occupied with a physio course for the entire Saturday, I was let loose on the town to practice my broken Spanish and get lost amongst the locals.

The morning started with a traditional café con leche and medialuna (sweet croissant) and a leisurely stroll around the waterfront.  Despite the clouds the beach was alive with beach soccer, volleyball and surfers trying to make the most of the weekend.  Seeing everyone so energetic I was motivated to make the most of my day and spent the entire day walking along the 3.5km coastline.


At a leisurely pace I started from Zurriola beach and made my way to the first waypoint marker of the Jesus statue sitting atop of Urgull Mountain.  The walk was a gentle 30 minute hike but nevertheless offered gorgeous views from the top of both beaches of the city.

As I made I continued my walk through Concha beach I stopped by my first of many pintos bars.  The front of the bar had plates full of fresh mouthwatering seafood served on top of crusty carb loving bread.  I only later realised that there are signature dishes made from scratch and ordered from the blackboards above the bar area.  After already having my fill of 4-5 pintos and a beer to wash it down I was feeling bloated and warm with the asian flush full in effect.


After recuperating, I reunited with my better half we caught up with a few friends and hit the town properly.  Although San Sebastian has 15 michelin stars across 7 restaurants, some of the best food come from local bars which offer small plates of gourmet food for a fraction of the price.  Most pintxos dishes went for 2-3 euros with signature dishes costing around 5-6 euros.  We explored the pintxos laneways and could instantly tell where the best places were located, as customers overfilled into the streets.  We managed 3 bars before finally calling it a night and stumbling home.


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