Picking the best seat on a plane

​Having flown with numerous airlines and taken over a hundred flights, we’ve had our fair share of really good experiences and horribly bad experiences. Now of course there are factors that you can’t control such as who sits next to you or whether or not your favourite TV show will be playing on the in-flight entertainment system. However, the big thing you can make a decision about is your seat. So why not make an informed one?

Now before you read on, we’d like to point out that we only ever chose our seats for long haul flights or flights where seat selection is free (I.e. we never chose our seats for Ryanair or Easy jet flights).

So here are our top tips for choosing the most comfortable seat:

1. Sit near the wing

This area experiences the least amount of turbulence 

2. Take an aisle seat

Everyone seems to love having the window seat for the view, but other than that, there’s no huge benefit from chosing that seat. An aisle seat ensures you:

i) can get up to go to the toilet anytime you want

ii) are able to stretch your legs out into the aisle for short periods if you need to

iii) are the first to get your overhead bags and leave once the plane lands

3. Sit at least 7-8 rows back from the first seats in economy

The detachable baby cots often are located in the first row of economy so more often than not, there will be a few babies around. Now of course there could be babies anywhere on the flight, but the really little ones are more likely to be up the front

4. Sit at least 4-5 rows from the toilet

This is to avoid the smell and also the noises of toilets flushing or doors opening and closing

5. Check out Seatguru

This is a great site that shows the seating chart of every plane on the market all colour coded with seats which are and aren’t recommended.

Enjoy your next flight!

Ann & Jason xo

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