Beautiful Bariloche

San Carlo Bariloche is considered to be the Lake District of Argentina. It, like some of the other towns we’ve visited recently, resides in the natural wonderland known as Patagonia. During Summer people come for the water sports and mountain biking and during the Winter people come for the snow. Unfortunatelu our visit here happened to be during off season; too cold to swim in the lakes but too warm for any snow to form on the slopes. So what was there to do?

Circuito Chico

We rented a couple of mountain bikes (300 pesos each) about 30 minutes out of town to make our way around the famous circuit. It is a 25km route that loops around the lake. The terrain was a mixture of road and gravel and the scenery varied from forest, beaches and lakes. It certainly required a moderate level of fitness to complete with steep rolling hills the entir way. Thankfully the bikes we hired had full working gears otherwise I would have spent most of the journey pushing the bike.

See here for instructions to get to Circuito Chico by public transport.

7 Lakes Route

This was a 400km round trip from Bariloche to San Martin. We hired a small car (950 pesos) and started our journey at 9.30am. Along the way we passed by 7 stunning lakes, hence the name. The road was a nature lover’s dream and definitely a good relaxing way to spend the day

Chocolate shopping 

You cannot go to Bariloche without going chocolate shopping. There are dozens of chocolate shops with most offering a free sample. We opted for the chocolate coated frozen raspberries and salt dark chocolate from Rappenaui which were to die for.

Rio Negro

This is the large body of water that borders the northern side of the town. We walked to an area where tourists and locals have started stacking river stones, I think the highest we counted was like 13! There are also random totem poles overlooking the river and plenty of friendly stray dogs who will come and have a whiff of you.

Overall we ended up doing a lot more than I expected to. We’d certainly like to visit again during peak season as the landscape would be vastly different.
Til next time

Ann & Jason xo

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