How to save money on your next Ryanair flight


So for the majority of those who travel frequently around Europe, you would have been on at least one Ryanair flight. Whilst they are usually one of if not the cheapest airline for many destinations, the add on charges for things such as luggage do add up. So what are a few ways to save on your flight?

1. Pay in Euros

Ryanair are an Irish company so paying in their currency will offer you the best deal. This is because the they have their own exchange rate which is pretty horrible so you’re better off using your travel card to purchase in Euros if you can. Usually this can be done at the payment page, however keep in mind that your home currency is usually automatically selected so you will have to manually click on EUR.

See our blog about How to Get the best currency exchange rates which talks about the best travel cards on the market.

2. Cashback

quidcoRyanair have just recently signed up to Quidco and are offering between 4-6% cashback (I.e. a refund) for most flights. BUT this deal is only available sporadically (like for 4-5 days every 1-2 months, so if you sign up for Quidco, they can email you when the deal is available again)

See our blog about Cashback for further details

3. Book in advance
Like most airlines, booking last minute will usually result in a hefty price hike. Try to book 2-3 months if possible

4. Travel mid-week
If you have the luxury of travelling when you want, flights are usually cheaper if you depart on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

5. Travel off-peak times
Middle of the day or late night flights generally are cheaper.

6. Cabin baggage

If you are going for a short trip, opt for cabin luggage. Ryanair are quite lax regarding weight of the luggage and generally if the bag fits in the overhead, they don’t usually mind. Often the cost of check-in luggage can be the same price as the flight itself

7. Sign up to their mailing list
This will give you access the sales as they come which means you can get some amazing deals as soon as they are released. Ryanair frequently have incredibly cheap flights such as London to Copenhagen for £10 one way

8. Don’t chose your seats

Unless you have a pretty good reason for needing specific seats, there is no reason to pre-allocate your seats. This will just cost you extra. We’ve probably taken over a dozen flights with Ryanair and have always been seated together.

9. Print out your boarding passes at home
Ryanair will charge you close to £50 if you forget to print your boarding pass at home and there is no way of getting around it, no matter how much you argue! You also have the option of selecting the e-boarding pass which sends a QR code to your smartphone.


There are a few things to keep in mind regarding Ryanair flights:
– many of the flights DO NOT land/depart at major airports and are further out from the city, so check the location in advance as sometimes the cost of transport into the city may be more than the flight
– triple check that all your flight details are correct as it will cost you to change the flight time or date
– If you have made a small error regarding your name or DOB do not pay for the ‘change in personal information’ which is about €110, just login to your Ryanair account, use their online Help chat system, tell them your mistake and they can usually change it for free


– even if you have have checked-in online and have no checked luggage, you still have to go to the counter for a VISA STAMP (they just need to check your passport and stamp your boarding pass), if you don’t do this they will make you walk back through security and get it done, so make sure it is the first thing you do when you arrive at the airport


Hope that was useful for you all

Happy cheap travels!

Ann & Jason do

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