7 Things to add to your packing list

So there’s always the usual things that everyone packs such as clothes and toiletries, but what are some of the more obscure things that are not always on people’s lists?

1. Swiss Army Knife


We were given a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife by a couple of friends a while back and since then we have not travelled without it. Whether we use the blade to cut through cheese, the scissors to cut through plastic packaging, the tweezers for plucking eyebrows or the bottle opener for obvious purposes, there are dozens of things this small device can do that you never even thought of. You can find generic brand multi-knifes at hiking stores or online for as little as AUD$5.

2. Ziplock bag


A few years back we were travelling through Laos in the back of a high speed bus weaving in and out of mountainous roads leaving both of us worse for wear, especially me. So the inevitable happened, I spewed, but thanks to my trusty ziplock bag, I was able to do so with a little dignity and at least remain clean. But of course that’s not their only purpose. You would have seen them in use dozens of times to hold your 100ml liquids at the airport and they are genuinely useful as a backup bag should your small bags (eg. Make up bag) get damaged. It is useful to also have them on hand when it’s raining as a means to waterproof your small electronics.

3. Water Bottle


An empty reusable waterproof bottle can go a long way in terms of saving you money. Often airports will have drinking fountains to refill your bottles after the security check, which means you can then bring it on the plane. Depending on the country, you can also refill it from the tap at your hotel but make sure it is safe to do so. Make sure you get a BPA free bottle to avoid consuming any toxic chemicals that can seep into your water if the bottle has been exposed to heat.

4. Pens


Have you ever had that moment where you are rifling through your bag and you’re awkwardly holding up the line because you cannot find that one pen you think you always have with you to fill in your departure/landing card? Don’t be that person, pack a few pens and put the, somewhere you can easily reach in you  carry-on.

5. Eyeshade & Ear Plugs


Thank me later. Great if you want to get some sleep on the plane or at your noisy hotel and if your partner/friend has a tendency to snore.

6. Pocket Tissues


No matter how clean the country you’re visiting is, toilet paper can always run out!

7. Vaseline


Useful for chapped lips, preventing blisters, relieving chaffing and dry skin – it really is all in one that we can’t live without.
So that’s our list, if there’s something you always add to yours, share it by commenting below
Til next time
Ann & Jason xo

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