How to get Cheap Flights

There are always cheap flights available throughout the year but its not always that easy to find them. So aside from travelling during off-season (i.e. Winter), what are some other things you can do to ensure you get a good deal?

1. Use comparison sites 

These sites are fantastic as they compare hundreds of online travel agents and airline prices and give you the best deal. The great thing about these sites is that many of them have a ‘flexible date’ option which allows you to see the prices difference +/-3 days from your ideal date. Here are a few sites to try if you are booking from:


2. Look at Online Bargain Communities

This is one of my favourite ways to find a great deal on flights. Often airlines will have sales which they don’t advertise, so it’s up to individuals to stumble upon them and share it with the rest of the world wide web. There is often a ‘search’ box that you can just type in a city/country you are interested in to see if any recent deals have been posted. Here are my two favourite communities:

Australia: Ozbargain,


UK: HotUKDeals


It is also worth checking out Holiday Pirates which is a UK blog which gives you specific dates and websites to use to book cheap holiday packages.

3. Use Cashback sites

For those who have read our other blogs, Cashback is something we’ve mentioned about a million times. For those who haven’t heard of it, it is a way of getting money back each time you book your holidays. For more info check out our blog ‘How to get Cashback when booking holidays’

4. Book midweek

Flights that depart on a Friday or Sunday evening are often the most expensive. Aim to book for dates Tuesday – Thursday as they are often significantly cheaper.

5. Use Incognito Mode


When booking flights use ‘incognito’ mode (or use a different browser to research and different browser to book). This is because companies often store information of what flights you are looking for and if they know you desperately want a certain flight, you will see the prices sneakily creep up in an attempt to scare you into purchasing instantly.

6. Book each leg separately

Occasionally it is cheaper to book each leg of your trip separately (eg. Melbourne to Dubai, then Dubai to London – rather than Melbourne to London). This is not always the case but it is worth checking if you are finding it difficult to find a bargain.

7. Fly into smaller aiports

The busier the airport, the higher the airport tax, therefore the more expensive your ticket. If you are flying into a big city, there are often smaller airports on the outskirts which are often used by budget airlines. Have a look to see how easy and cost-effective it is for you to travel from these airports into the main city and if it’s worth your while, definitely consider it.

8. Sign up to Airline/Travel Agent mailing lists

It is worthwhile doing this especially for the big airlines like Qatar, Etihad, Emirate, Qantas and Singapore Airlines as they often will alert those on their mailing list of upcoming sales a few days before they happen.  It’s also worthwhile to signing up to Travel Agents such as STA Travel or Student Flights who haven’t have deals that can’t always be detected by comparison sites.


They are the major things that we use to book cheap flights. Have you got any other tips? Feel free to share in the comment section below

Also check out our blog on How to save money on Hotels and How to Save Money on your next Ryanair Flight

Til next time

Ann & Jason xo


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