Perito Merino Glacier


Visiting this glacier was the sole reason we booked to fly so far south of Argentina so close to Winter, so we were expecting a lot from this world famous natural wonder. We booked our return bus tickets for 450 pesos with Cal-Tur the evening before; it was going to be a 90 minute ride from El Calafate bus terminal departing at 9am and leaving the glacier at 4pm.


It was a dreary day with gray clouds blocking out all of sunlight and rain for most of the morning. The positive of having bad weather was that there were much less tourists around. There were probably only 100 there all day when you’d normally expect 1000’s in the summer months.


When we arrived we were immediately blown away by the enormous blue beauty that lay ahead of us. We gasped at how incredible it was. It was so big that it disappeared in the horizon, it seemed endless. We made our way towards different balconies and stood for about half an our at each one just staring at the glacier from different angles, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ice breaking off. We’d wait and wait the same way we did when we were searching for lions on safari in the Serengeti. Suddenly, a small crack is heard leading us to quickly switch on the record button on our cameras. A few seconds of waiting was followed by a huge thud of ice falling into the water and echoing through our ears. It was such an adrenaline rush seeing it that we kept wanting more!


As the day wore on, the temperature dropped and we sought refuge at the restaurant conveniently located a 30 minute walk from the main balconies. We stayed here until we had about an hour till the bus picked us up. Our final glimpses of the glacier had us mesmerised and I’m pretty sure my camera’s SD card hasn’t taken a beating like this for a while! This was certainly worth the visit and we’d highly recommend it to anyone visit Argentina.

Entrance fee: 330 pesos

Til next time

Ann & Jason xo






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