Invigorating Iguazu!

We’ve never been one for waterfalls, so when we saw how much it was going to cost for us to fly to Iguazu, we were very close to skipping it all together. But after much researching and penny pinching, we managed to alter our trip to include it in the itinerary.


The Iguazu Falls as been listed as one of the ‘New 7 Wonders of the World’. It is an enormous waterfall which borders span across both Argentina and Brazil.


The day we visited it was the day the weather forecast predicted rain and thunderstorms; fortunately for us, this was completely wrong! It was an incredible day and we’re so glad we included it on our trip. Its difficult to comprehend how huge this place us without seeing it for yourself.


We arrived at 8am by tour bus and left at 4.30pm. There are 4 main areas/trails to visit:
– Devil’s Throat –  by train (15 mins)
– Upper Circuit – by foot
– Lower Circuit – by foot
– San Martin Island – by boat (5 mins)

All areas are well worth a visit as they allow a different perspective of the falls.

Top tip: Get there at 8am and head straight to the train station to get to the Devil’s Throat. Once the train arrived walk straight there (instead of taking photos along the way – you can take those photos on your walk back) to beat the crowds

Entrance Fee: 330 pesos per person

Food & Drink: Very expensive, bring a packed lunch if you can

What to wear
– sturdy shoes – waterproof hiking shoes are perfect as you will be doing over 8km of walking in some wet areas
– quick dry T-shirt – you will probably get soaked at some stage and it can be pretty humid in certain areas
– light trousers – zip-off hiking trousers are great
– waterproof jacket
– insect repellent+++
– sunscreen


There are racoon/ant-eater-like creatures called ‘Coati’ that are all over the park. Do not touch them, do not feed them. They sniff out food in people’s bag and we saw them chasing people who had food. So if you’re eating, steer clear of them!





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