How to get Cashback when booking holidays


Cashback is something I’ve mentioned a few times on my blog but not in too much detail. Cashback sites have grown exponentially in the past 2-3 years as more and more big name companies have become affiliated with them. This is how the concept works:

  1. Log into your cashback site
  2. Search for a company you want to book through (eg. Expedia,, Hertz car rentals etc.)
  3. Click on the link of that company through the cashback site
  4. Make your purchase
  5. After your purchase has been confirmed and you have completed your trip, a certain percentage of the total amount will be refunded into your account


So far using the UK site I have already had over £300 (AUD$600) refunded to my bank account which have mainly been from me booking flights, accommodation or car rental.GBP

I know it sounds like a total scam, but for once, this ‘too good to be true’ scenario is actually a reality!

The great thing about these sites is there are way more companies than just holiday related ones – there is literally thousands of different retailers registered ranging from internet, fashion, gifts, supermarkets and much much more!


There are dozens of sites available to each country, here are the ones that I recommend, but if you google around there are plenty more:






Top Cashback


Enjoy and happy spending!

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