A little bit of Lima

Lima doesn’t have a great reputation as being a particularly interesting city. More often than not it is used as a transit city for people to get to other parts of South America. For this reason we opted to only have only full day in Lima.

This is the first time we’ve been to South America so we were both nervous and excited of what was to come. I think our main concern was our safety and the Zika Virus; for some reason we had a preconceived idea that we’d be in constant danger of getting mugged and that we’d be fending off mosquitoes in a karate-like manner – this was certainly not the case.

Our first impressions of the city as we were in the cab coming out of the airport was that it was a mesh between the dusty streets of Tanzania and the chaos of India. This feeling of familiarity actually gave us a sense of comfort.We stayed in an area called Miraflores which is quite close to the shoreline. It is 8km from Lima Central, however tourists don’t tend to stay in the centre. Our hostel was quite conveniently located, only 4 blocks from the Huaca Pucllana(pre-Incan pyramids). This is a site where sacred rituals were performed – it was a site of worship and not to live. The higher the pyramids, the more sacred the pyramids were perceived as they were closer to the Gods. Unlike the Egyptian pyramids, these ones were solid, so no hidden treasures or booby traps were to be found. The pyramids were constructed of hand shaped mud tiles stacked vertically with a small gap in between them so that they wouldn’t crack if an earthquake were to occur – pretty clever for people who didn’t have any seismic technology!

The afternoon was spent exploring Lima City. It was a Sunday and we were more than pleasantly surprised to walk into the beautiful town square where a colourful parade of music, traditional costumes and dances were on display. One of the things we noticed about the Peruvians is that they are genuinely happy people with a laid back attitude. This has certainly made a great impression on us. We enjoyed a lunch of traditional Cerviche (sea bass cooked in citrus) and were in heaven! (Of course this was backed up with having it again for dinner). The entire day was so beautiful with clear blue skies and a warmth that we’d missed having lived in London for a while now. We were told that Lima is known as the ‘cloudy city’ so to have such weather is extremely rare. Within 10 mins of leaving the city, we saw the clouds quickly descend and visibility become very poor – we could see now how it got its name!

Overall, we really enjoyed visiting  Lima for the day and definitely felt it was all we needed there
Till next tim

Ann & Jason xo

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