Tips for seeing the Cheese Rolling Festival in Gloucester

cheese_2238954bYou’ve probably seen it on the news, maybe even heard about it from your friends, well now its time for you to see it for your own eyes. It is an insane, unusual and laughter-filled event enjoyed by people of all ages which usually runs on the late May bank holiday. So here are a few tips to make your experiences all that bit easier.

1. Getting there

We hired a car for 3 days from Budget in Wembley for 50 pounds. It tends to be a lot cheaper if you avoid hiring from London City Centre.

Public transport
Take the train from Paddington Station to Gloucester (approx 2 hours). From there take the 8/10/810 bus to as close as you can to the corner of Ermin Street and Painswick road (approx 25 mins) – this will vary depending on road closures. From there you will walk at least 30 mins to get to the hill. Follow the crowd or use Google maps. Aim to arrive no later than 9.30am to get a good seat

2. Parking
All the major roads are closed around Cooper’s hill so don’t even bother driving through that way. Instead have a look at the mini map that I’ve marked out with recommended FREE parking spots. Toby’s Carvery offer 5 pound parking on the day, but thats still at least a 40 min walk to the hill and is likely to be filled up unless you are there super early. See map for further details.


Aim to have your car parked by no later than 9.30am if you want a decent spot. From the parking spot I mentioned it is at least a 30 minute strenuous up hill climb so be prepared to sweat it out. To get to the hill from the free parking zone:
1. Walk uphill on the narrow road
2. Once you hit the main road you will most likely encounter a police car, cross the road and continue walking uphill on another road
3. When you arrive at a cross roads turn left and walk for about 5 minutes where you will probably start seeing and hearing crowds on your right hand side

3. What to wear
We wore our hiking gear which was perfect as we didn’t mind it getting muddy. But a few essentials include:
– warm waterproof jacket
– comfortable trousers you don’t mind getting dirty
– trainers/hiking shoes

4. What to bring
– light snacks and drinks
– camera

5. Where to sit
We picked somewhere halfway up the hill which gave us a decent view of the start and the finish. My best piece of advice would be to make sure you find a part where there is a flat spot to plonk your bottom. We made the mistake of just finding a spot only to realise later on that we would spend most of the time stopping ourselves from sliding down. Bear in mind the hill is VERY VERY steep so just getting to the spot you want to can be very slippery and its more than likely you will be crawling to get to your prime position!

The event starts right at 12pm and includes a variety of races including the mens downhill, women’s downhill, mens uphill, childrens uphill and downhill. Its a fantastic community event despite how crazy it may seem! Come with an open mind and a preparedness to laugh and you will have a blast!

For more info regarding the event, visit

Enjoy 🙂

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