Water Parks and Sand Dunes

For the last two months we’ve been cursed with intense monsoonal rainfall when we’ve arrived at any beach so we were very much looking forward to finally getting into our bathing suits and out in the sun. Finally we were in luck.

Our first destination was the over-touristed coast side town of Nha Trang. It lies on the south-eastern border of Vietnam and is the busiest beach in the country. The water is incredibly blue and the beaches are lined with rentable sun beds, water sports equipment and little Vietnamese ladies walking around carrying food to sell. One surprising thing about this place was the number of Russian tourists present. It seemed that everywhere we went there was a Russian menu or Russian signage, definitely not something I expected.

We spent the day at the Nha Trang Egg Mud Bath, and yes, it is what is sounds. You sit in an egg-shaped mud bath. The bath itself somehow managed to fit all three of us in quite comfortably. Ironically the mud felt quite cleansing and we were able to spend about 40minutes in there before we headed out into the pools. That evening we met up with Alice and Himani for a delicious feast at the Sailing Club.

The next day we headed to Vinpearl Island which was a 15 minute cable car ride from where we were staying. For 550,000dong (AUD$27.50) a ticket, we thought it was a pretty good deal given that it included the cable car ride and complete access the the entire island (animal shows, water park, aquarium, rides). We spent most of the day there, predominantly in the water park where we felt like a bunch of 10 year olds again! When we arrived back on the mainland Jason and Denise went parasailing which they said was incredible. That night we dined at a local seafood restaurant where we got to actually chose the fresh seafood and how it was to be cooked, and wow! BEST. SEAFOOD. EVER.

We took a sleeper bus to Mui Ne the next morning and arrived comfortably after about 6 hours. First thing we did was hire a motorbike (AUD$7 per day) and headed to the Red Sand Dunes. The moment we parked the bike at the dunes we were bombarded by about 10 kids wanting our ‘business’ in the form of hiring a sand slide from them which was essentially a yoga mat, so we declined. We eventually came back, had a dip in the pool and met up with Alice and Himani for dinner. Its at this point that Jason realised he’d lost his wedding ring (mind you, he does this quite regularly, but I’ve never seen him freak out as much as he did this time). After dinner we turned our room upside down and eventually Jason made his way back into the pool and miraculously found the ring! That is what we call a Platinum Poon moment.

The next day we took an hour’s drive to get to the White Sand Dunes. Arriving there we saw that we had three options to explore the dunes:
1) Walk
2) Hire a quad bike for 400,000 dong ($20) for 30 minutes
3) Ride and ostrich!!!!
We gladly picked the 2nd option and had an absolute blast riding down the dunes and getting stuck on numerous occasions. Unfortunately what was to be our one hour drive home felt like 10 hours because the rain pissed down like no tomorrow and appeared to have no end in sight. Managed to get back to the hotel in one piece!

Next stop Saigon for our first week of volunteering!

Until next time
Ann & Jason xo

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