Pokhara the Great!

7 hours on a bus from Kathmandu was well worth the wait to arrive in this beautiful lakeside town of Pokhara. The streets are much wider and less congested, there is less pollution and there is a much more relaxed vibe here.

We arrived just after 2pm and headed straight for the lake where we hired a small wooden boat which was captained by a 70 year old local! She spoke no English but this didn’t matter. This lady was strong and it was obvious she’d probably been doing this most of her life. The Lake is beautiful and calm and surprisingly quite clean. A great way to just unwind for an hour.

The next day was absolutely jam packed! We decided as a spur of the moment to go PARAGLIDING in the mountains! For a total of RS10,000 (Approx AUD$100) we were given a 30minute paragliding session and videos/photos. We took a bus along possibly the most poorly kept windy roads and eventually made it to the top of the mountain which overlooked the city of Pokhara. Dozens of tourists were strapped in and others were already in the air, it was an incredible site. The pilot literally gave me a 60 second run through of what to expect and the next thing you know, I was running down the mountain and gliding through the air. It was amazing and felt like we were endlessly floating. The view was unimaginable! Unfortunately in the last 10 minutes I started to get the squirms, the salty saliva started coming into my mouth and I thought “Shit I am going to throw up”. I looked down to the right and there were other paragliders, to the left was the same thing. “I can’t throw up on the other paragliders” I thought, so I held it it. I told the pilot who took my helmet off, told me to look straight and tried his best to land smoothly. The moment we hit the deck I dry-reached like no tomorrow! The worst part was the only thing that came up was bile which burned my throat for several hours later. Jason on the other hand was doing acrobatics and all with his pilot and somehow didn’t get even slightly motion sick. Despite my weak stomach, still an amazing experience nonetheless!

Spent the afternoon bike riding around Pokhara (RS 80 each, approx AUD$0.80 per hour) which was so much fun especially because the roads are so bumpy. Road along the lake as the sun was setting, stopped for some fresh juice where we met an American traveller called Shivaun. She’d been travelling for 3 months around India and couldn’t rave more about it! She even met the Dalai Lama which we were VERY jealous about.

So now we’re off to do the Ghorepani-Poon Hill trek, this should take us about 4 days!

Until next time
Ann & Jason

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