The Day After Tomorrow


So there is exactly 14 hours and 33 minutes before we head off on our adventure on a big jet(star) plane. How are we feeling? Nervous about the unknown, anxious about the thought that our itinerary isn’t 100% perfect, worried about whether or not spending every second of every day for 3.5 months together will be our demise but mainly SUPER FRICKEN EXCITED about the amazing adventures to come and of course, the bargains to be found in Asia!

Just to give you guys a quick overview this is what has happened in the past few months.
Got married.
Went to USA for the honeymoon.
Gained weight.
Went back to work.
Quit work.
Have not stopped eating for past 2 weeks.
Gained more weight.

So the plan is: Nepal (3 weeks), Tibet (1 week), India (4 weeks including 1 week volunteering) & Vietnam (6.5 weeks including 4 weeks volunteering)

Goals: Meet people. Eat weird things. Learn about everything. Be open to everything. Lose weight. Conquer Poon Hill (the mountain, not the man)

Till next time
Ann & Jason xo

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